Recruitment / Headhunting

KATARSYS holds the official Swiss authorization from SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs) for the Perm Placement practice, valid both for inner Switzerland (“Placement Privé en Suisse”) and foreign placements (“Placement privé transfrontalier”).

On top of the usual social media platforms, KATARSYS uses its own wide network to go and fetch the best matching candidates on the market for you.

As seasoned headhunters, we analyze your company’s structure and your needs in terms of permanent hirings, and then challenge them with potential candidates.

Unlike big agencies, we take time to interview our candidates, because THEY bring value to your organization, so we want to make sure we present to you the best candidates on the market, rather than the best “job seekers” on the market.

Every candidate file we present to you will contain a detailed and up-to-date CV, a cover letter, copies of diplomas and certifications, plus an executive summary pointing out the pros and cons (if any) of the candidates, based on the interviews we did with them. We strongly believe that this level of transparency, with our own unbiased assessment of the candidates, is best for everyone : your organization, the candidates themselves, and KATARSYS.

We mainly work “based on success”, meaning we only charge fees if and when the candidate effectively starts working for your company.

KATARSYS is specialized in Business Lines recruitment, mainly Information Technology. We tackle any position in IT, and are also open to search for any Senior Manager up to C-Level positions in other sectors (Administration, Sales, Marketing, etc.). We work with partners to tackle specific positions in other sectors, such as Finance and Life Sciences.

Please feel free to contact us for any further inquiry about our Recruitment / Headhunting services.